Welcome to KICKS

KICKS (KI Community Kabbalat Shabbat) is a warm community of spiritually-engaged Jews that strives to create soulful, energetic Friday night t’filah and nourishing, inclusive communal activities.

We cultivate a traditional-egalitarian davening atmosphere that is committed to powerful prayer experience, within the broader communal fabric of Jewish learning and socializing in Brookline and Boston.

We welcome new faces and seasoned ones; people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and orientations; and encourage everyone to join us in taking responsibility for the group experience.

KICKS meets every Friday in the Rabb chapel at KI.

You can contact us at  617-277-9155 (KI Office) or at kikabbalatshabbat@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “Welcome to KICKS

  1. Fern

    Hello. I would love to see posted the dvar Torah from April 4. I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the woman who gave it. I really liked it. Thanks, Fern Fisher


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